Tali Djerassi

photographed by Gil Shani

How do I do it?

  • I ask, listen and discuss

  • I imagine

  • I research and I get inspired

  • I draw and I sketch my ideas 

  • I plan and plan and plan

  • I get all approvals necessary

  • I work with the building team - it's a team effort!

  • I search and find materials and products

  • I supply the construction documents

  • I supervise the construction

  • And finally I come for a cup of coffee in your brand new amazing space.

Who am I?  I am Tali, a registered architect and designer

Where am I located? I live and work in Tel Aviv

What do I do? I guide, support and accompany you on your journey of planning and designing your home or your business. This journey results with the realization of  your architectural or interior project.     

How do I know to do what I do? I started my architecture studies back in 1997 at Wizo (the Neri Bloomfield school of design), a 21 year old girl, what did I know about what it means to be an architect, I just loved to draw. I continued at the City Collage of New York, now I knew a bit more and wanted to conquer the world, 4 years in New York means hard winters but a fabulous chapter of my life.

For the next ten years I worked in a variety of design studios such as Dupoux Design in New York, Michael Azulay in Tel Aviv and leading architecture firms such as Messer Architects also in Tel Aviv, planning a diverse array of projects from interiors to buildings, I dabbled in set design an experience which took me to the Philippines and Thailand. Finally I have had the pleasure of designing apartment's and office spaces for some amazing people who were my clients.

Why do I do it?  I love designing…seeing it….experiencing it…making it

I am inspired by style & aesthetics it can be modern, clean, color, eclectic, vintage, Bauhaus, Art Deco and the list goes on.

I am motivated by the challenge of taking all the components, the constraints, the budget, the problems, the desires and the dreams and coming up with a functional, efficient, detailed and beautiful solution. 

I love the puzzle that is architecture and design where every detail is important from air, natural light, creation of the space, combination of colors and materials to the selection of the drawer handle.

Most of all I can't not do it….trust me I tried….it's a bug!